How To Use

Here Are a Few Examples of Ways to Use Your Personalized 2024 Calendars

  • Give a low-cost, good health gift this fall as part of your marketing and outreach activities

  • Visit key referral sources and bring them a free 2024 senior health and wellness calendar

  • Use calendars as your holiday greeting card

  • Provide free calendars to physicians and other local health care providers to distribute to their senior patients

  • Offer free senior calendars as a direct-response premium

  • Distribute calendars at fall/winter presentations and workshops

What Older Adults Say About ACP’s Calendars

“There’s a lot more information in this calendar than we see in any of our general calendars we get…”

“As I read through the calendar… it reminded me of things to talk to my doctor about.”

“The squares are big enough to write in.”

“Great health tips…easy to read!”

What Our Clients Say About How They Use Their Personalized Calendars

"Gave them to clients during their annual reviews and to new clients...everyone was thrilled to get them."

"My business card is always seen by clients when they use their planners."

"Everyone sees my name when they use it. Every client liked the health information."

"I would order again and buy more...Would recommend to other agents."

Questions About Ordering?

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